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At Louisiana Culinary Management (L.C.M.) (a division of S.C.O.R.E.) it is our philosophy that your food service operation should be managed by you and not a Food Service management company whose main focus is their success and not yours. At L.C.M. we offer you the unique opportunity to partner with us on a journey to success.


As an innovator in the food service industry, L.C.M. has developed a business plan based on our strength, experience, and foresight.

In each account served by L.C.M., we look to add services that will improve the lives of your guests and employees while providing a top quality product, and ensuring an operation free from the risk of a foodborne illness outbreak.

Our operational analysis conducted by an experienced professional Consultant consists of two full days on site in your establishment evaluating, digging, and probing into every aspect of your operation.

Then, your highly customized written report will be created just for you. On the final day, you and your Consultant will sit down and go over the very detailed, Operations Analysis report. Every question you have will be answered and the report will be fully explained.

We’ll even include step-by-step instructions on how to get your operation back on track. If you want, for an additional fee, we’ll help you get the necessary systems developed and put properly into place. For those that are experiencing severe operational or profit related problems, this is one of the most powerful tools that you can use! Nothing passes our scrutiny.



Please contact us for more information and consultation rates at

985-649-6766 or 985-629-1276

Or email us at:

We look forward to working with you and your team in providing all the tools necessary to keep your establishment free from food borne illness and to teach your staff quality food safety practices. We can help you plan, develop and launch your food service operation, build customer satisfaction, improve training, reduce costs and maximize your return on investment.


Consumer health and wellness has always been our top priority. Protecting them from food borne illness also protects your operation’s reputation and business. Simply put, our food quality programs exceed the requirements of all current regulatory agencies.

You will find L.C.M. custom tailoring your food service operation to provide your customers fresh food cooked-from-scratch. We are delivering excellent food, superior service and cost containment objectives in today’s competitive environment. We also have the flexibility that your facility requires - providing quality food for your customers, staff, while increasing revenues for you, all the while providing continual staff training and development.

At L.C.M. we will provide your operation the guidance and training necessary for success, in all aspects of your operation.


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